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> the saidpress society


> This year, the theme is “small things.”



> Make an edition of at least eleven cards. Send ten (10) of the

> cards to the said press to the address below—mail these cards

> individually to the said press so that each card bears a postmark.

> Address the eleventh card to yourself, but send this card in an

> envelope to the said press along with a suggested donation of

> $2.00. The said press will keep the eleventh card for its archives

> and send you a packet of ten randomly selected cards submitted by

> other participants.


> The postcards must be 4" x 6"


> Use any EDITIONABLE printmaking technique (e.g. letterpress, woodcuts,

> linoleum cuts, lithography, intaglio, photography, silkscreen).

> Sign and number each card in the edition: e.g. 1/11, 2/11, etc. Add

> a colophon if you wish.



> POSTMARKED by Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 6, 2006 (cards postmarked after

> this date will not be included in the exchange).



> said press society

> 201 W. Allens Lane

> Philadelphia, PA 19119



> Suggested donation of $2 may be made in cash, or by check or money

> order payable to morgen cheshire (please don’t make checks payable

> to the said press).



> Contact: thesaidpress@verizon.net

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